The Estelle Road Experience

High spec kitchen shows me I can live here

No doubt of the size, quality and layout of this place

Wicked wide window
Cool radiator

Wide-angle photography defines the living space

Front door blends well
with house exterior

Below is the same house before refurbishment

Door… really?
Just coz it’s wood doesn’t mean it’s good
Photograph in uniform aspects
i.e. for Rightmove,
Prime Location and Zoopla
the listing format is landscape
Not portrait

Magnolia says ‘I can’t afford to buy my own place’

Fugly sofa says “‘standard rental basics’
Move it for the photos. It obscures the front door…

None of these compete with former Leire Lane marketing pix though…


A [fairly decent] door

What is the obsession with corners?

Why not show a potential bedroom instead…

… basic but brilliant in white

Master Bedroom

One of the ads showed it like this…

Same bedroom below shown by different agent…

White, clean, bright. Attractive and simple. Shows the space

The prospective renter deserves to be shown window views, however limited the view


It may seem there’s not much difference between these 3 bathroom photos…

…. but one is clearer