Paulls Farm & Old Dairy yard

In June last year when Hamid Van Koten was in Ashby Parva, I showed him Paulls Farm yard and the Old Dairy exterior. Hamid (a family member, architect & a project manager) was advising on certain helpful aspects of build.

Image 1 shows basic outline of the farmyard division as expected by the current tenants. Red for Old Dairy yard. Green for Paulls Farm

Image 1.

At this visit, Mark, the man of the farm house, showed where the dividing fence would go. Verbally and with the use of his arms, he indicated his territory would run from the edge of the Dairy stable block to the Dairy kitchen

At this point there was an exterior door where the kitchen window would be. This storage room had not yet been converted to a kitchen.

This old door will become the Dairy kitchen window. Its only window. So when Mark said “and we’re getting that bit as well” it’s unlikely he accounted for the kitchen sink view straight into his access strip.

Image 2 below shows raised area directly outside the Dairy kitchen window (a.)

Image 2.

There’d rarely be need for Paulls Farm tenants to access this area which provides a private positioned patio/deck/terrace corner with view across JDG’s fields. with historic

Around this raised area is a natural and obvious yard delineation. There is no place for horses or farm yard storage. Should Paulls Farm assume the space all the way past (a.) to the Dairy kitchen window, there’d be a clear and constant view into their yard and vice verse into this room.

Image 3 shows a division which takes in this step-up space

Image 3.

As boundaries have been unclear and undocumented so far I can’t envisage objections to the above after clarification.

Personally I’m not a fan of a dividing fence. Rather than chopping up domains I advocate communal spaces without physical boundaries. Community spirit is a huge consideration and hope for the future of the property. Though obviously at the present time there needs to be some boundary for the safety of animals during construction, and for the comfort of current tenants as per their 2 year tenancy agreement with Wells McFarlane.

(a.) the old water pump area. If there’s any chance to retain the original pump would be gratefully appreciated if not, please emphasis the importance of preserving anything salvageable.

Dimensions are not precise

Stable block

Below is the Wells McFarlane property listing page containing Agent Note on stables

I think my dad confused the ‘thin strip’ of access. Old Dairy yard has to have space for 2 parking spaces. The diagrams will show how he got it in reverse!

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